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 vs g2k - 2-0

 vs dyn - 16-4

 vs exit - 7-16

 vs eXit - 1-1

 vs sens - 16-1

 vs WAF - 2-0

 vs XPG - 16-9

 vs gmm - 16-0

 vs lol - 16-0

 vs KNP - 16-1

 vs eman - 16-4

 vs aeri.2 - 16-7

 vs puregain - 10-16

 vs Bf - 16-3

 vs nz2- 16-0

 vs simple - 16-3

 vs mdk2 - 16-3

 vs why not - 16-14

 vs DT - 16-0

vs n1- 16-5

 vs BK - 16-0

 vs RP - 16-7

 vs [-.-'] - 15-15

 vs n1. - 16-9

 vs mkd - 2-0

 vs mG - 16-2

 vs esse - 15-15

 vs mGb - 7-16

 vs WT - 16-8

 vs inv - 16-2

 vs n1. - 16-2

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                               Line up:
                                Vasilije 'BladdeR' Vujisic           
                                Nikola 'N1KOL1NHO' Vujovic

                                Luka 'frenzy' Martinovic
                                Arsenije 'Remix' Darmanovic


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SpawN and zneel round out H2k
Counter-Strike legend SpawN and recent SK member zneel join H2k as the Swedish team looks to compete at the WCG in China.

H2k Gaming have announced the players who will replace kHRYSTAL and face in their lineup and they are both high profile ex-SK players. Abdisamad 'SpawN' Mohamed and Jim 'zneel' Andersson will take up the remaining spots for the team who will be attending Norrlan and the upcoming WCG finals in Chengdu, China.
SpawN issued this statement about his return to CS in H2k:

"I have known the H2K guys for a while and playedwith them before, I know they are very talented and great guys, I havealso heard great things about zneel and I am happy to be a stand in forthe WCG event. This will be interesting and I am really looking forwardto it."

zneel's perspective:

"Joining this new fresh H2k-team feels like a reallygood challenge for me, and of course, I couldn’t say no to that. Theteam itself feels like a really good mix of players – everyone withtheir own type of skill, and that’s what makes this project sointeresting. And with the given time I’m sure we will compete at thehighest level! I’m really looking forward playing with these guys."

COO of H2k Rudy van der Reest:
"It’s great that there are players outside theorganization that wanted to help us since the department of two goodplayers due to individual success instead of team success. Really happyto have Abdisamad on our side to compete at the World Cyber Games 2009.We have spoken a lot and I am really looking forward to his performance.

Jim is a great guy and I know he can show the scene what he is worth!"

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